Program & Policy

  • The democratic demands and aspirations of the oppressed workers and peasants shall be paramount in the orientation of the APDUSA in both its short term and long term objectives.
  • APDUSA calls for the convening of a democratically elected Constituent Assembly which shall have full powers in drawing up the constitution, untrammelled by directions and constraints imposed by self-serving minorities. The constitution will be based on the demands of the population for full political rights and majority rule in a unitary state.
  • The nationalisation of the land is a key measure for the resolution of the land question in the interests of the working class and peasantry. This will exclude the expropriation of small peasants and their compulsory collectivisation.
  • The policy of the APDUSA shall be laid down by the National Conference. Central to its policy is the waging of the independent struggle of the workers and peasantry. It will pursue this struggle in whatever sphere of public life it operates, whether in elected bodies of the state such as parliament, provincial councils and local government or outside these bodies. It will relentlessly carry on the fight against class collaboration and it will promote the self organisation of the workers and peasantry