A Rude Reminder For The South African Working Class

The petty bourgeoisie Government of the ANC is riddled in all spheres with one scandal after the other. They used their propaganda around the Extended Public Works Programme to secure votes in the local government elections and so secure positions for some political thugs who back them up in their factions. Their Provincial Conference in  East London, Eastern Cape  took place at the end of September.  After having been postponed on numerous occasions due to internal squabbles, it turned into a nightmare.

A lumpen from ward 13 in an area called Dice in East London – who is the husband of ward councilor Nonkululeko Matiwane – killed two women, Nomboniso Ntwana and Bulelwa Mpitipiti, respectively 54 and 50 years old. After their execution style killing he threw their bodies over a cliff on the narrow Buffalo Pass near the Buffalo River.

The two women from this poverty stricken area, worked in the Extended Public Works Programme within the Buffalo City Metro. One of them died on the scene and the other died a day later in hospital on Wednesday, 23rd August 2017. Nomboniso Ntwana died after revealing that Mabuto Matiwane shot her and Mpitipiti, believing that this was after she had failed to pay a monthly kickback to his wife for a job. She had to pay a monthly kickback of R2000.00 to this councillor from the R3700.00 stipend she received from the Eastern Cape Extended Public Works Programme.

It was confirmed by the department of Public Works in the Eastern Cape that the councillor worked as a supervisor at the EPWP.  She left the post of supervisor after last year’s local government elections when she was sworn in as a councillor and she allegedly offered her post to Ntwana in exchange for R2000.00 every month.

In response to their ordeal, the residents went to torch the house of the councillor, resulting in the death of a young girl between the age of 15 and 17, who was trapped inside the house.

This is a rude reminder to the South African Working Class that neither the ANC nor any other party in the South African Parliament can ever solve their socio-economic problems. The negotiated settlement ensured that S.A is governed by its current Capitalist Constitution that is not in the interests of the working class and landless peasantry. We therefore call for a new Constituent Assembly that will and must address the interests of the working class and landless peasantry.

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