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> "The Dynamic of Revolution" Selected works of I.B.Tabata, edited by Dora Taylor.

> "My Life Under White Supremacy and in Exile" - the autobiography of Leonard Nikani.

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  • The Tabata Collection
  • APDUSA is proud to present the writings and contribution of its first President, I.B. Tabata. Though IB is no longer with us his ideas and the weight of his contribution to the struggle of the exploited labouring classes of SA, still constitutes a tremendous force for our forward movement.

    Books by I.B. Tabata

    Isaac Bangani Tabata, known simply as IB or "Tabby" to his comrades, was a giant in intellect, an indefatigable and revolutionary politician, an outstanding orator and a skilled, analytical writer.

    In 1956 he became the first African leader to receive a 5-year banning order and after the passing of the Suppression of Communism Act he was one of the first persons listed which effectively banned all his writings.

    In 1961 he was instrumental in the formation of the African People's Democratic Union of Southern Africa (APDUSA) which was the first organisation to give paramountcy to the political interests of the working class and the peasantry and he became its first president.

    While in exile he continued with his penetrating, analytical writings. Two compilations of these have been published - "The Imperialist Conspiracy in Africa" (1974) and "Apartheid Cosmetics Exposed" (1985). Besides these, he is well known for his book "Education for Barbarism" (1959) and other important works such as "The Awakening of a People" (1948) and the "Letter to Mandela"(1948).

    Tabata always displayed great interest in the youth and in his work he was strongly governed by the desire to leave a worthhwile legacy to the new generations.

    >>>>The Tabata Collection